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With all of the beauty that the San Diego area has to offer, it’s hard to find the perfect place to call home. Our area guides simplify that process by giving you unique market, lifestyle, and demographic insights into each area!

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"We so enjoyed working with Connor. We sold and brought a house using Connor as our agent. Connor is very knowledgeable and super personable! He responds very quickly to questions and has great insight to how best a persons house can sell quickly. He was also great at getting us a good deal when we
"Connor was an excellent agent! He diligently listened to our needs and stayed on top of all the details throughout the buying process. He was and is still quick to respond to us anytime we reach out. Connor provided insightful comments to us through the negotiation process with the sellers and lande
"Charity did an utterly amazing job. As a first time home-buyer, I had lots of questions that Charity was either able to answer herself or direct me to where I could get those questions answered. Her answers effectively educating me throughout the process, such that that next time I won't feel nearly
"Connor was great to work with throughout the entire process of buying a first home. He is knowledgeable, honest, professional, personable, responsive, resourceful, and hard-working without being overbearing or pushy. I would highly recommend Connor to any friends or family looking to buy/sell their
"Heather, Macy, and the Rhae Group far exceeded our expectations. With Heather's help, we were able to achieve something we'd been struggling with for years, buy our first house. Heather is such a personable, knowledgeable, professional in the real estate industry which is a breath of fresh air. Her
"Heather was amazing through the entire process of having a home. We didn't know much about the process, and it would have been easy to get ourselves in a bad situation. Heather was proactive about scheduling inspections, provided expert advice with contracts and negotiations, and basically looked o