Tips for Interviewing Your Realtor

Of course most Realtors want to gain your business right off the bat, but you want to make sure it’s a good fit for both you as the Seller as well as for the Realtor you choose to work with. Selling your home is a big process and you want to make sure you work with someone who understands all aspects of real estate.

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1. Ask Questions!

Prepare a few questions. As a Seller, you want to make sure that your Realtor is knowledgeable about the current market so they can accurately market and sell your home in your best interests. You also want to make sure they are familiar with your neighborhood and town! We see it all the time, when listings advertise the wrong school on accident or use the wrong subdivision name, and it’s usually just because they are unfamiliar with the area. Ask questions like have you sold in this neighborhood before? or are there things I should do before listing my home?.

2. Do Some Research

Go into the interview with some background information, both on the Realtor as well as the current real estate market. By doing some of your own research beforehand, you can get an idea of what you would like to list your home for. This way you can already have a realistic idea of pricing and if there is anything you might need to do before listing your home. Obviously it is the job of the Realtor to help you with these things as well, but it’s always good to be prepared. This also helps you gather some questions that you may not have thought to ask prior!

3. Get to Know Your Realtor

As mentioned above, do some research on the Realtor as well! Take a look at their website and find reviews from their past clients. This way you know that you are already interviewing with great agent, you just need to find the right one for you.

4. Tips for Buyers

A lot of times as a Buyer, you don’t always interview them the same way you do as a Seller. Use the first time you met them as their “interview”. Maybe you met them at an open house or at a local event. Did they say hello and offer any help? If you asked questions, did they know the answers and provide any insights? If so, then they are probably pretty familiar with the area, which is a great start. If they weren’t very warm and welcoming or even if they bombarded you with too many questions which isn’t what you want, then maybe they aren’t the Realtor for you. Sometimes you get put with an agent through Zillow or Were they able to assist you right away or were they unavailable most of the time? By taking these things into consideration, you can be sure to end up with an agent that will take great care of you during the whole process!