Run Club – Candelas

Think back to before you moved to Candelas and try to remember why you moved here. What drew you to this neighborhood out of so many others nearby? Many of your neighbors would say because of the community feel, the close proximity to the mountains, Boulder and Golden, the trails running through the neighborhood plus the other obvious amenities such as the tennis courts, fitness centers and pools are what make Candelas, Candelas. 

For all of these reasons, Alaina Antunes chose Candelas to call her new home. Originally from Northern California, Alaina found herself in Colorado about six and a half years ago, in Downtown Denver to be exact. During her five years in Denver she came across multiple running clubs throughout the city and decided to join some of them. Being new to the state it gave her an opportunity to meet new people and have something to look forward to attending each week. Although Alaina was already loving the neighborhood, she felt as though there was something missing… She started to realize how big of an impact the running clubs that she was previously a part of had on her day to day lifestyle. 

Running isn’t for everyone. You meet a lot of people that love it and running is a major part of their daily routine, but on the other hand many people do not. Alaina, like many others, finds it easier and more enjoyable to run with others. Running in a group holds everyone more accountable and gives you more motivation to keep going when maybe you wouldn’t on your own. It is also a great way to stay in shape while simultaneously building a small community around you that wants to do the same. 

Very quickly after moving to Candelas, Alaina decided to start her own running club for the neighborhood. Despite being met with negativity on the first attempt at getting members, within two to three weeks it was already gaining momentum! From two or three runners to now a dozen weekly runners and over 80 members on the Facebook group page within a year. Greg Opgenorth, one of the first few to join, stated that “we dream of the day that all 80 members come on the same week!” 

photo credits to McGonzo Photo

Getting people to run that don’t necessarily want to, can be a challenge. The Run Club – Candelas has handled this in a great way and taken the challenge head on by making running, for lack of better terms, fun! Every Thursday at 6:00 PM the group meets at Resolute Brewery off of Highway 72. They gather together before they all take off on the three mile run through Candelas. Now as Alaina put it, “there is no such thing as not a hill in Candelas” so you can bet that the run may be a challenge, but a good one! If you are just starting out or don’t feel comfortable running that distance, that is ok too, as many of the members will only run as far as they see fit. This club is suited for everyone; all ages and skill levels are more than welcome. 

Many of the members include their furry friends as well, so bring on the pups. Another great way and reason to get out and about. 

Now if you were still on the fence about wanting to tag along one of these weeks, how about cheap beer? Yes, you read that right. Each week after the run, they end where they started at Resolute Brewery. Everyone has the chance to relax and enjoy a cold drink while chatting to end the evening. As part of the Run Club – Candelas, you can enjoy $1 off each drink! With some other small events such as an Easter egg hunt and a Cinco de Mayo guacamole contest, you are guaranteed to enjoy your Thursday evening. 

Whether you are there to run a PR for your three mile run or just there for the guacamole and beer, they want to see you there! Be sure to check out @Run Club – Candelas on Facebook or @candelasrunclub on Instagram for updates regarding Thursday’s Run Club. See you all there!