Remodeling in Arvada Colorado

We believe that you get back what you put into your business. For us, it can be more than a business transaction, it’s a relationship.

For those who don’t know, we used to flip houses on top of selling them for clients. It is something that we all love to do and have a passion for; design, remodeling, etc. it’s fun for all of us to do and get our hands on!

While flipping homes in West Arvada, one of our first time home buyers fell in love with a cute townhome located in Westminster, Colorado. The location was perfect, a great neighborhood, great layout, just wasn’t the style that our buyer was hoping for (I mean there were mermaids hanging all over the walls!). We showed her some photos of homes we had flipped so she could maybe get some inspiration for her own townhome. She loved them and decided to write an offer… which got accepted!

Once our buyer closed on the home, one discussion led to the next and we ended up getting to be the team that she chose to remodel her first home! Working for one specific client was new to us, as we had only ever flipped homes for the general buyer population. Our crew went straight to work demoing the property as Heather Slump started shopping with our client. Heather helped our client choose everything from tile options, to paint colors to accent pieces. It took about a month of our crew redoing the kitchen, bathroom and flooring, as well as new doors, baseboards, lighting and paint. Thankfully much of the home was in good shape, just need some cosmetic uplifting!

It was so fun getting to meet a buyer who trusted us enough to continue our relationship past the closing date, and that’s exactly what we are here for! So when you’re looking to buy a home, know that we are in your corner from start to finish and are here to give you all of our advice and best tips on turning your new house into a home!

In the real estate world, everyday is different, no two clients are the same and everyone comes with a different story. This is what makes it so fun and why we truly love what we do. Be sure to check out all of our project photos below to see how it turned out! We regret not taking more photos of the finished project. We were busy selling! Check out our YouTube page here, to watch all of the other homes we flipped. Sadly our main contractor moved away, so flipping is on hold for now, but we will see where things take us as we move along!