Including Your Pups in the Colorado Experience – Where and What to Do

Colorado tends to be a pretty “dog friendly” state as a whole, compared to other states. People get dogs to have a hiking companion, train them as hunting dogs, and are a critical family member in most Coloradan homes. Let’s get into some of the best places in and around Arvada, Colorado that are as dog friendly as you!

  • Local Restaurants
    • Barrels and Bottles Brewery – this is located a little bit southwest of Arvada. With a huge assortment of craft brews to choose from, a large wine selection and the perfect patio for your pups, you’re sure to want to check this one out!
    • Denver Beer Company – another perfect pairing of beer, patios and your furry friends! They are located in Olde Town Arvada and have a variety of menu options, beer of course and host live trivia games frequently! Olde Town Arvada is a fun weekend spot and one to enjoy before it gets TOO cold.
    • Resolute Brewery – Resolute Brewery allows dogs both on their patio and in their tap room. Although their main event is their beer, food trucks are scheduled throughout the week to fuel your bellies as well. Plus you can’t skip out on the fantastic mountain views nearby.
    • Many other restaurants, coffee shops and bars throughout the city offer dog friendly spaces, specifically if they have an outdoor patio!

  • Dog Parks to Check Out
    • Westminster Hills Open Area – With 420 acres of open trails and off-leash walking Westminster Hills is a great place to take your well trained pups. There are some unfenced and some fenced areas throughout, so keep that in mind during your trip. Although it get busy, with so much space it’s easy to spread out.
    • Terrace Park – Located in Arvada, this is a fenced in dog park so no need to worry about losing track of your dog as they get curious and wander.
    • There are so many more and many smaller spots as well, so be sure to check them out to find your favorites!

Please always clean up after your pets and be respectful of the leash rules at each place! We can’t wait to see where you take your four legged friends next!

West Arvada Dog Park