Flipping Your Home? What gets your the most bang for your buck?

Are you interested in flipping your own home? Whether you’re updating to sell or just want to make your home finally feel like yours, here are a few places that are worth putting your money into.

1. Kitchen

Most people would agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Everyone wants to help, gather around while you’re cooking, cleaning, eating, etc. If you’re struggling to decide where to spend a big portion of your budget, the kitchen is always one of our first suggestions. When you’re ready to sell, it is definitely a space that future buyers will appreciate.

2. Primary Suite

The next place I would suggest is putting some time and money into your primary suite. Decide what needs the most attention whether it’s the closet or the primary bathroom. Is there a way that you can extend the closet and make it a walk-in? Can you fit a double vanity somewhere in the bathroom? Get some fresh tiles into the shower and make it relaxing, whatever that looks like to you. The primary suite is another place that future buyers would grasp onto and make them fall in love with the home.

3. Quick Fixes

Some simpler things to quickly give your home a refresh and that will make all the difference is deep cleaning, decluttering and paint! If you’re going through a demo project, take the time prior to go through all of your things. Trash and donate all of the unnecessary items that you’ve collected over the years. Once that’s done a fresh coat of paint can completely change the game! Painting can be a big process but if you go room by room it’s a little less daunting.

Go through and patch holes in the walls, clean the trim and baseboards, switch out lightbulbs that have been out for the last 6 months, etc.

4. Exterior

You know your home the best, so maybe the exterior is in great shape. If not, curb appeal is something that would be worth focusing on during your flip. Paint the exteriors, pull the weeds, plant some bushes and flowers, add new mulch and your house will feel brand new!

The quick answer to “where should I put my money?” is it depends on your house! In general the kitchen, primary suite and exterior of your home will bring in the buyers. These items are usually the biggest and most costly projects so if those are completed, then the new buyers can easily overlook some of the smaller projects that are left around the home, without feeling overwhelmed of a whole home project. Don’t forget to enjoy the process along the way and seek your experts when needed! Happy flipping.