A Gift Guide for the Home – 7 Gifts Ideas for your Neighbor, Friend or Client

The holidays are here and we are helping guide you through the holiday season. If you know someone who moved into a new home or city this year, these are the perfect gift ideas for you! These can be used as general home decor gifts for your friends and relatives too. As Realtors, we like to gift our new homeowners with something meaningful, useful and a simple reminder of home.

Although some of these may be a little more extravagant or some on the simpler side, they each say a lot and can differ for who you are shopping for.

Let’s share some of our favorite home gifts for you to try this year!

  1. Coasters
    • Although a simpler gift, you can find cute coasters to fit any style and many stores. Amazon, Target, HomeGoods, etc. They make for a great stocking stuffer, small gift or a part of a larger basket of household items.
  2. Photo Frames
    • If you’re shopping for someone and you want something more sentimental, you can’t go wrong with a framed photo. It’s easy to choose and print your favorite photo for the gift receiver and find a frame to match. Something they can keep forever and will go a long way.
  3. Candles
    • They say that scent is the first sense to trigger a memory. A candle for a new home is a fun gesture for this new period of their lives. Plus everyone loves candles so you really couldn’t go wrong.
  4. Serving Tray
    • We all know that charcuterie boards are all the rage right now. Maybe they love to host, so this could be the perfect addition to their new home! Who knows, they may host you one day. You can always use an additional platter for the holidays and any get togethers you may have.
  5. Water color of the home exterior
    • Maybe your client, daughter, mother just bought their forever DREAM home. One of my favorite gifts is a watercolor painting of the homes exterior. It’s a beautiful reminder of accomplishing their dream!
  6. Local gift cards
    • Gift cards to local restaurants, shops, cafes are a great way to introduce them to their new area! Especially if they moved to a new state or are unfamiliar, it’s a great excuse to allow them out on the town. This is one of our favorite gifts to give all of our clients and also allows us to support the community around us.
  7. Beer from a local brewery
    • We’re in Colorado so of course we love our craft brews. Whether you want something small to gift your neighbor or are bringing items to a holiday party, sharing your local favorite beer with those around you is an easy way to connect.