4 Low Cost Ways to Increase Home Value

Looking for ways to increase your home value without breaking the bank?

Whether you’re going to sell your home in the future or just wanting to freshen up your current home, these 4 low cost tips are sure to add some value! Let’s get into it.

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1. Yard Maintenance

Next time you’re at the local hardware store, pick up some fertilizer, weed killer and maybe even some new small plants! Curb appeal plays a large role in grabbing the attention of a potential buyer. Give them a warm greeting before even entering the house! At the start of this past summer we bought some new mulch for the few areas we have up front, pulled some weeds and it made a noticeable difference without having to spend too much money!

2. Paint

Paint isn’t always the cheapest thing to buy, but if you’re willing to get down and dirty, painting it yourself can save you quite a few bucks! Fresh paint covers up all of those little scuff marks and dirt that could be on your walls from so many years. Especially if one area of the home is worse than others, paint gives the home a fresh start and shows much cleaner as well. If you have crazy colors, although fun for you, might be a turn off to buyers even if the home is lovely! Give is a fresh neutral look and you’re sure to grab a buyer.

4. Cleaning

This one might seem silly or seem like a given but you would be surprised! No one wants to move into a home and have it be filthy. When we purchased our home a year ago the house was filthy… we spent hours and hours deep cleaning the whole thing. If there wasn’t so much else to love about the home, it would’ve been on my no list. Take the time and a little bit of money to go get all of the necessary cleaning supplies. Spend the weekend detailing every inch of your home. Although grueling, potential buyers and even real estate agents will greatly appreciate it and notice the impact it makes.

5. Get Your Home Staged!

If you are about to sell your home, think about staging. This could even be an offered service from your Realtor, you just have to ask! Whether your Realtor offers or you hire a staging company yourself, it really does make a difference. Everyone has unique ideas for their home that don’t always show well online or for potential buyers. Bringing in the experts will help make your photos stand out online, bringing more buyers to your door. It has been proven that staged homes tend to sell faster and for more money. If this is something you’re interested in, it is a service we offer when you list with the Rhae Group and we are happy to provide more information.