3 Quick & Easy Home Styling Tips

We are in a business where we are walking through homes or seeing photos of homes online DAILY! It’s fun getting to see what home trends stay in style for the long run. Let’s see what our current trends seem to be, and if they’re gonna stick around for awhile!

2022 Color Pallet

Photo by Sherwin-Williams

Grey and navy had their run, but it looks like they’re getting kicked to the curb when it comes to current home trends. We are seeing a lot of green and brown shades. Very earthy, warm tones are being used more and more frequently. Whether they are full wall colors or just an accent in the home, it definitely looks like a color pallet that is here to stay for a little while.

Using Natural Elements

I think plant shops are probably seeing an increase in plant sales recently, lol! It seems to be the new thing that people are loving; in home plants. All over the internet, you can find people with more indoor plants than you can imagine! (If only I could keep mine alive.) With such varieties, I see the appeal to them. Bringing in natural elements is a great way to make a home inviting and keep it interesting.

Another use for natural elements is with wood details. Whether its in an accent table, a ceiling detail or a wall divider. Wood warms up any space and is a great way to do minimal decor but still make a big statement!

Going BOLD!

Something else I have started to notice, is the amount of bold statement homes/rooms there are! Offices especially, but really many spaces have been giving quite the look. Whether it’s bold color choices, furniture pieces or accents, it can be a fun way to add a pop somewhere in your home. I’ll put a few pictures below; I think going bold can make for some of the best, most unexpectedly beautiful rooms.