2023 Home Trends We’re Seeing

Maybe it’s only my social media but it seems like everywhere I am seeing remodels, small projects, DIY ideas and beautiful finished products. People are prioritizing making their home feel like an expression of themselves and a place that they are proud to call home. Let’s dive into some of the common trends that we are seeing; some that started last year and continue and maybe some new ones!


We’ve been seeing more and more arched doors and doorways, windows and in small decor!

Natural Elements

From plants and greenery to wood walls, exposed brick and concrete style floors, bringing the outside in is a common theme that we are seeing. Personally this has been a favorite for me and one that I hope is here to stick!

From Architecture Digest – Open Door Tour

Paint Colors

We went through some of the paint colors of 2023, but that isn’t necessarily the colors that we are actually seeing inside homes. Like last year, we are sticking to the greens, warm neutrals and less grey. We have also seen tans and browns make their way back into the mix! Wallpaper has become a fun way to add a little spice to your room as well.

Personally I feel like the idea of using color as a whole is making its way back again too. For awhile we were seeing lots of grey, white and neutral colors. The bold statements are becoming more prominent and we can’t wait to see where that takes design next!

Things are constantly evolving and changing and your home is no different. Although not as easy as when clothing styles change, there are always simple steps you can take to keep your home fresh, clean and more importantly, YOURS!